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All about me!

♥ Hi, my name is Allyssa.♥
♥11 yrs old♥
♥ currently grade six♥
♥ studying at Terrace Ridge School♥
♥i'm just a simple girl♥
♥dark chocolate hater♥,
 ♥vampire lover♥
♥teddy bear lover♥
♥i can be friendly if i want to♥
♥Im not a perfect girl ♥
♥My hair doesnt always stay in place :] ♥
♥I spill things alot ♥
♥Im pretty clumsy ♥
♥my friends and i sometimes fight ♥
♥maybe some days, nothing goes right but when i think about it, i take a step back♥
♥ I'm classy♥
♥im loyal to my friends♥
 ♥im a bit of a loner♥
♥ im smart in my own way♥
♥sometimes being alone doesn't bother me at all..♥
♥ I may not have many close friends, but i choose them carefully.♥.
♥the most important is.. ♥
♥ Haha..♥
♥I remember how amazing life truly is & that maybe. just maybe ...♥
♥I like being UNPERFECT!

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